To Consider: Dark, Glossy Floors

While we’re still not over the crisp, airy feel white floorboards give a room, we do have to own up and say that we’re also partial to dark floors. These look opulent and really give a contemporary feel to an old house…

If you have painted floorboards at present, or your current floors are in need of a makeover, dark floors are the way to go. For one, they’re a much easier option than sanding down and staining the room if you have a painted surface to work with, and they’re rather forgiving too. The high-shine finish always looks incredibly expensive, and gives a very Parisian vibe no matter where you are.

Of course, you can skip out on paint and instead opt for a rich, dark stain. The contrast against white walls and wooden furniture is gorgeous – an instant update that will never grow old.

The floors in the first snap have been painted a sultry gloss black, but the second home has stained parquet floors – both offer something a little different. The finished result is very classic, straight out of a magazine but suitable for any home – and they hide the dirt better than white!

Would you consider dark floors?

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